Digital Telephony (VoIP) in Greenford

The emergence of Cloud-based communication systems and hosted telephony solutions has revolutionised the ways in which organisations can stay connected.

Hosted telephony (otherwise referred to as VoIP or hosted voice) enables you to connect any number of your people simultaneously, from anywhere, on the basis of a single integrated system that is seamless, flexible, reliable and secure.

If you haven’t yet considered a modern telephony system then there’s never been a better time. Businesses are realising the benefits of lower cost and greater flexibility. The main benefits are summarised as:

1. Lower monthly cost

2. Scaleability

3. Increased flexibility and support for mobility

4. Video transmission capability

5. Privacy can be maintained using encryption

6. Wherever in the world there is internet you are “on the grid” so to speak.

One of the strongest benefits is the flexibility that a digital system can bring you. The modern employee often has choices about how and where they work. A 2018 survey conducted by YouGov revealed that only 6% of the UK workforce work a traditional 9-5 shift . Almost half of us work flexibly, job sharing or working compressed hours, allowing us to juggle other commitments. In order to keep pace with this, flexibility in telephone communications is essential in order to maintain the business interface with its clients. A digital telephony system can handle call responses and forwarding with great efficiency.

Another consideration is the ability to use multi-channels… With digital systems it is possible to communicate with your customers via all channels. i.e. SMS, chat, telephone calls, conference calls, social media, video etc. Whilst for some the traditional phone call is the go-to medium, for many of the rising generation other channels are becoming the norm. By using more channels you are being seen to be more available to your target audience. This is definitely something to consider going forward.

We would be more than happy to talk to you about the benefits and options for a modern telephony system. Do get in touch to find out more