Are you getting those most out of your Office 365 Subscription?

As a business, you know how important it is to ensure that you are always leveraging the most effective, yet economical solutions possible while keeping your teams as productive as possible.

But are you mixing different technologies like Office and Slack in a way that's difficult to manage and costing you money? Or are you paying for Office 365 licenses that are not in use as your teams grown and shrink in line with demand.

Choosing a Microsoft Partner such as The Technologies Group can enable you to focus on what's important to your business, such as productivity while management of the service can be handled by us, controlling costs, ensuring compliance and controlling costs.

From license and subscription management, best practice advice, through to backing up critical Office 365 data to protect it, The Technologies Group, as a Microsoft Partner can advise, support and manage your Office 365 solution at the same per-license-fee as purchasing direct.

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